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To the concerned UO campus community:

The Survivor Empowerment Alliance (SEA) is currently collecting submissions for a Zine that will be distributed around campus during Winter term 2013. The Zine will be a small, is being created to raise awareness about how sexual assault and the UO mandatory reporting protocol affects our campus community. We are asking students, faculty, and staff to share t

heir opinions and experiences in the form of articles, poetry, art, or however one choose to express their thoughts on rape culture and sexual assault response. 

The Zine will be comprised of personal stories of survivors of sexual assault, who have and have not gone through the reporting process on campus. For those who chose not to report, articles will be published anonymously, so as not to put them in a position of going through the University’s reporting process. We will also publish opinion pieces on the UO’s mandatory reporting protocol, responses to rape culture and patriarchal society, advocacy for survivor-centered sexual assault responses, and resources for both survivors and University employee mandatory reporters of sexual assault. 

Submissions can be sent to There will not be University employees checking the email account, so the anonymity and confidentiality of people who submit entries will be protected, if so desired. You can also email this account with any questions you may have. 

Please forward this widely, SEA would like concerned members of the UO community to know about this project and be able to share their thoughts on sexual violence, rape culture, patriarchy, and sexual assault prevention.

Thank you,
Survivor Empowerment Alliance

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500randomactsofbeauty asked: hello, please check out our 38th random act of beauty in support of survivors of abuse.

Awesome blog! Thanks for the tip! Rebloggin’ it now

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SEA Fall Kick-Off Meeting!

The Survivor Empowerment Alliance’s first meeting of the term is this Tuesday at 7:30 in the LGBTQA office (EMU Suite 34, downstairs from Panda Express).

We’ll be talking about our goals to make sure University of Oregon employees and students know their rights in regard to sexual assault on campus. I hope to see you all there!